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Shows up late to pokeddexxy with starbucks and a bunch of birds. 
Stickers on pre-order in my [shop] now!


Here’s a poster design for an upcoming showing of The Neverending Story here in Baltimore hosted by Pizza Party Printing. It’s gonna be so much fun and y’all wish you could be there! & by that I mean I wish you could be there ♥

The AURYN is going to grace the back of the t-shirt version of this! Check back soon for the link where you can pick up one of those for your own!

*UPDATE* - T-shirts are available here!


Valhalla Studios


Last week was Design Week Portland….and I missed all of it! Which is seriously laughable, because there was so much stuff to go to. Unfortunately I got super sick and had picture book deadlines, so I spent a lot of time under covers drawing in bed watching silly television. Next year, Portland! Next year.

I was there in spirit though; I designed a two color poster for WeMake’s special screenprinted poster series. Look how cool they are! Technically we could’ve done three, but I wanted to see what I could get done with just two. Fun playing around with markmaking (brush, scratchboard) and some collage in the form of washi tape.

I need more excuses for limited color in my life!


My spread for Nobrow 9! The theme was “It’s Oh So Quiet”

I’m so excited to be in this issue, there’s a ton of great artists that I love in there (and a fair amount of MICA alums!) and I’m delighted to be a part of the lineup. It comes out in April, but is available for preorder now!
Heads up—I’ll also have this image available as a free postcard at MoCCA if you stop by my table (F17) this weekend!


For a short story about London in Swiss magazine Die Weltwoche.